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You can greatly improve your quality of life by receiving support with personal care, whether it is assistance with dressing, bathing, meals, and medications. Individuals may require different levels of personal care. To ensure a more individual and personal experience, we make sure our caregivers are discreet and take the time to build a relationship with our clients. 

It can be extremely challenging to maintain dignity in old age, especially when dealing with incontinence, so it is essential for your loved one to feel comfortable with his or her caregiver. Our caregivers are highly trained and empathetic

Feelings of loneliness and social isolation negatively affect our mental health and, in turn, our physical health. Having a positive mental attitude tends to help us get well faster, and our bodies function better.

With Page Alliance companionship support, you can share stories, talk about your day, and share hobbies, as well as a listening ear. Talk about your favourite television shows and play games together. Walking, attending social events, going to the theater, or watching a movie. Share a meal, go shopping, or set the world to rights over tea.

Additionally, a companion carer can help with light housework and prepare meals.

Generally speaking, malnutrition occurs when the body consumes fewer calories and protein than it consumes.

During your care with us, our caregivers will help you plan a balanced diet and promote a healthy diet. It is not about following strict nutritional guidelines, living an unrealistically thin lifestyle, or depriving yourself from the foods you love. A good diet can help you feel healthier, have more energy, and keep yourself as healthy as possible, all of which can be achieved by learning some nutritional basics and using them appropriately

The Carers at Page Alliance are carefully trained in medication management in order to ensure the highest level of efficiency and professionalism in administering and recording your medication. The importance of medication management cannot be overstated – after all, your health could be at stake.

Each of our carers is carefully trained on how to manage their customers’ medication, including how to report overdoses and safeguard against problems.

Providing you with overnight care at home ensures that you are supported and cared for during the night.

A good night’s sleep recharges our bodies and minds for the day ahead. Being able to get up in the middle of the night can be dangerous for some elderly people.

Our clients always come first at Page Alliance. Night time is a time when we make sure you do not feel vulnerable or alone. Our overnight care service offers support to those who need extra help sleeping peacefully

We help older people with litter picking, dusting, hoovering, decluttering, feeding their cats and even washing and ironing at home. To keep your home clean, tidy, and safe, it covers all aspects of housekeeping. 

Our carer assistance can help you with your shopping, paperwork, attend appointments, provide concierge services, and assist with local community access. Our goal is to assist you in your life, exactly where you need it

Providing palliative care to those with life-threatening illnesses improves their quality of life. The care is physical, emotional, and spiritual.  The goals of palliative and end-of-life care are the same: to relieve pain, increase comfort, and improve quality of life.

Our services are tailored to your personal, cultural and religious preferences, values and beliefs. You can work with a team of professionals along with your regular doctors or specialists to provide an extra layer of support.