We believe that everyone has a right to live independently and to have control over their own life.

What is a PA?

A personal assistant (PA or support worker) is someone who is usually employed directly by a person who needs support to live their life in a way they choose.

This role requires one to work in the community and support our residential care home to provide personal care, develop independent living skills and support people in achieving their own life goals.

The role offers a great working environment, great rates of pay, travel time and mileage paid when working in the community, bespoke training, development and support as well as hours from as little as 5 to 35 per week.

Remember that your employer:

  • Will have a way they want things done
  • Has a right to have their dignity and privacy maintained (and the privacy of their family and friends)
  • Will always be the expert in their care or of their disabled child if the PA is employed to support a disabled child

A PA needs to:

  • Be sensitive to their employers needs
  • Listen carefully to ensure they do what their employer asks
  • Not assume they know what is best

Does this sound like a job for you?

Are you enthusiastic, motivated and genuinely interested in a career in health and social care? Although experience is preferred, it is not essential and for the right person we will put together a structured development programme giving you the opportunity to shine.

For more information you can also visit the Skills for Care Website, Skills for Care they are committed to improve the PA role. They provide a lot of support to employers, so they can provide training.

Apply now. Or Contact us on 0113 350 1185 or email info@pagealliance.co.uk